artists statement 

my wall works and 3d constructions are informed by my relationship to the natural world.connections between time, silence and memory.recording via plein air notations I observe changes in light,, volume, space within a particular locale.paintings are a process of addition/ attrition, they grow skins. A sense of delay occurs as I go back and forth, facilitating  processes of change. The paintings acquire their own rhythm. Stillness , optical sensations  moments of entering a particular space are critical to their resolution.

Sculptural constructions encompass the human traits of accumulation and collecting.the idea of the "wunderkamner" , voyaging and discovery and the humble every day utensils and paraphernalia are grouped in uncategorised assemblages constructed, they question temporal and associative versions of past physical presences and emotional states.we are left to puzzle their connective roles.these " remains" and simple fragments speculate and offer the possibility of new stories beyond their physical entities.


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